Legends say that during the Cataclysm, the gods were killed and the world burned. Civilization had reached untold heights of technology and magic, but all of that was destroyed. The Feywild bordered our own world, and people traveled between the worlds with ease, but now the cities of the Eladrin are crumbled to dust or sealed away forever. Horrible monsters and powerful heroes battled in the plains and the skies, but the heroes are long dead and the creatures of legend are no longer seen, if they still exist at all.

It seems a peaceful enough world now, in the year 3327 After the Cataclysm, and many people now believe that the Cataclysm is only a legend. For others, it is a fact of their faiths, and they believe that the gods worshiped today were mortals then, heroes who saved the world from the forces of evil that threatened to destroy it, and became gods in the process. There are heroes in the new world, and new legends, but none match the scale and glory of the old tales. Not yet.

After the Cataclysm

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